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Arbitrations in Nashville Tennessee

examination reporting tennesseeExamination Reporting Tennessee

When a lawyer refers to examination under oath as a sworn deposition or statement they are mistaken. Commonly these two are referred to as the same thing, when in actuality they are very different.

An Examination Under Oath, often referred to as "EUO", is the research, investigating and formal statement that is done by lawyers and insurance adjusters to determine whether a claim is valid or should be denied. Most EUOs are conducted by the insurance company's attorney. A court reporter is always present to document every question and answer verbatim. This process gives the examiners the right to dig deeper and probe through all aspects of the claim to fully examine and determine its validity. Examinations under oath are a legitimate tools for all insurance companies.

This is not a task you want to trust to just anyone. Morgan Reporting has years of experience in Memphis, Nashville, Murfreesboro, and the rest of Tennessee in court reporting, trials, examiniations under oath, and so many more legal services. We know the area, we know the system, and we can provide quality services that you need. For reporting done right, count on the team at Morgan Reporting.

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