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- Depositions
- Realtime hookups to attorneys
- Realtime feed to iPad
- Trials
- Reporting Conferences
- Reporting Conventions
- Arbitrations
- Examinations under Oath


- E-Transcripts: Reporting and Download
- PDF Format
- PDF scanning of exhibits, if requested.
- Computer-Aided Transcription
- Conference Room Availability
- Telephone Conference Depositions
- Complimentary Condensed Transcripts / All-word Index
- Full-Service Video Through Legal Video Services (NCRA CLVS certified)
- After-Hours Scheduling
- Online Repository (coming soon)



Morgan Reporting offers E-Transcript technology, the benchmark for electronic transcripts and the standard delivery format for litigators nationwide.
E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, allow for custom formatting, and offer the security of a tamperproof, electronic signature. The free E-Transcript Viewer is all that's needed to view an E-Transcript. Unlike other formats, E-Transcript files are also compatible with Westlaw Case Notebook and other popular litigation software.

Contact Morgan Reporting today to inquire about E-transcripts.

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Morgan Reporting also offers transcript delivery via ASCII format. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This is the numeric code that represents characters that are not otherwise recognized by computer systems. This application is used so that files can be transferred between various users and there are no issues as to retrieving and reading the information that is included in them. An ASCII will normally come to you as a .txt file, which can be incorporated into Microsoft Word.

Contact Morgan Reporting today to inquire about ASCII.

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Computer-Aided Transcription

Computer Aided DraftingProducing a verbatim record is our number one goal. Here at Morgan Reporting, we provide Computer Aided Transcription, or CAT, to provide an automatic transcription of recorded words into a computer program. The file is then edited by the court reporter into a final transcript. We are happy to provide CAT technology

CAT systems improve and expedite the discovery process, allowing the note reading and laborious deciphering to be left up to us. Our CAT system users are prepared and trained to use and manage our technology. CAT has eliminated tedious dictation methods where the possibility of errors occurs more frequently. CAT allows us to produce the record more timely and accurately than other methods of court reporting.

Computer Transcripts Tennessee Services

In order to have an accurate transcript for your important case, enlist our help at Morgan Reporting. We are happy to provide our computer aided transcription services to ensure your transcripts in Tennessee are shared expeditiously and accurately. Contact us today for more information.

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Nashville Area Conference Room Availability

Morgan Reporting offers conference rooms for conducting your depositions and meeting with your clients beforehand.

Call today to schedule your deposition with us.

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Nashville Area Telephone Conference Depositions:Nashville Area Telephone Conference Depositions

If you are unable to come to us, we can still cover the deposition you need. Morgan Reporting offers a quality telephone service that allows us to take your witness’ deposition with all parties being conferenced in. We will provide all parties with a conference call-in number and password and be present with your witness to record their answers and your questions verbatim. We use Polycom to ensure that all parties are able to hear.

Our staff is trained to handle telephone conference depositions in the Nashville Area. For all your Nashville Area telephone conference deposition needs, count on the professional team at Morgan Reporting. We also handle arbitrations, computer-aided transcription, e-transcriptions and so much more.

Contact us today to inquire about this service.

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Complimentary Condensed Transcripts/All-Word Index

Morgan Reporting offers a condensed transcript at no charge with every deposition. Formatting the transcript to have 4 pages on one page makes it easier and less cumbersome for the attorney to travel with lengthy transcripts. As part of the condensed transcript, an all-word index is provided. Indexing is a glossary of all the words in the transcript with the page number where it appears in the transcript, making it much easier to search for a particular word or number in a lengthy transcript.

Contact Morgan Reporting today to get your complimentary condensed transcript.

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Full-Service Video through Legal Video Services (NCRA CLVS certified)

If you need to have your deposition videoed, we can take care of that and schedule it for you. Our video service is CLVS certified and provides a quality video in the format you desire. Morgan Reporting can also sync your deposition to the video if you like.

Contact us today to inquire about this service.

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After-Hours Scheduling

We at Morgan Reporting know that you lead an already busy life. Finding time in your day to schedule one more deposition can be challenging at times. We offer after hours appointmentss for clients that have an already full schedule.

Please contact us today to arrange for your after-hours appointment.

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